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About Classic & Race Bike

Classic & Race Bike is a brand new community dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of classic, rare, vintage, performance and unusual bikes; basically any type of bike that you find interesting.

We've already launched the Classifieds and are enjoying watching this build as more and more people discover us thanks to our search engine friendly design, online marketing campaigns and word of mouth.

Over the next few months you'll also see the marketplace, directory and forum come alive. Our goal is to build Classic & Race Bike into a genuinely useful, one stop shop for all things bike related. We welcome your feedback, so please get in touch if you have any comments, suggestions, or even criticisms; we can take it (probably).

Contact Us

To get in touch, please send us an email at

About Autonym

We're Autonym; above all we're motor enthusiasts but to earn a living we also have an unhealthy interest in databases, web development and online stock management. If you're interested in bikes, cars and boats then the chances are you've been to a website powered by Autonym's systems, even if you never knew it.

We provide stock management systems and websites to motor traders and auction houses. We provide "plug in" Classifieds listings to magazines, enthusiast clubs and manufacturers. Basically, if you have some stock that needs to be managed and classified then Autonym can help.

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